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Liu, Thu - Hua

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Welcome to MCUT, the most exclusive university in Taiwan.



        Whether you are visiting this website as a prospective student, his or her parent, a scholar planning to undertake international


collaborative research with Ming Chi, or as an alumnus who holds important positions in society, I believe that in our web pages


you will find outstanding research, a remarkable education system, and the Ming Chi traditions of diligence, perseverance, frugality


and the trustworthiness. Since its establishment in 1963, Ming Chi has consistently adhered to the philosophy of sophisticated school


administration and practice-oriented education. Both academically and practically, the teachers and students here demonstrate rich 


diversity and energy. We make every effort to cultivate our students to meet the needs of industry and make substantial contributions


to our nation in various areas.


        Impressive academic performance is the core value of the diversity of Ming Chi. Currently, Ming Chi University of Technology


has three colleges consisting of 10 departments, 11 master’s programs, a Ph.D. program of energy and battery technologies, a general


education center, and six university-level research centers. Each academic unit basically represents a specific area of research and


instruction. These units form interdisciplinary teams on the campus, and interact closely with the industry. In the Ming Chi family,


we educate our students based on the long-established traditions of “teacher and student accommodations” and “one-year part-


time practical training”, and attempt to seek the integration of ancient art of mindfulness into the development of emotional


intelligence. What we intend to do is help students in this era of economic globalization become leading professionals with traits


such as integrity, gratitude, thoughtfulness, industriousness and endurance.


        Looking to a future filled with challenges and opportunities, Ming Chi follows the green revolution trend and benefits human 


welfare by implementing concepts of environmental protection, medical care, and biotechnology in the process of school development. 


Ming Chi attempts to make use of the interdisciplinary resources of our research centers to develop  innovative products and techniques. 


Teachers and students at Ming Chi always take global and social issues as our own personal duty. Consequently, in addition to continuing 


our excellent traditions, we also strive to increase our contribution to research and development. Our aim is to build an international 


learning environment and conduct international collaborative research. In this global village, we train students to gain an international 


perspective; they will actively confront the challenges brought about by globalization and actively bring their positive attitudes to social 




        I hope you see the traditional values, multi-level dimensions, and remarkable creativity of Ming Chi University of Technology as I


do. This website is a place where you will gain a better understanding of Ming Chi. Hopefully you will find our emphasis on holistic


education, contributions to the protection of local culture, and efforts to strengthen relationships with foreign institutes.


        Again, welcome to Ming Chi University of Technology. We look forward to seeing you on our friendly campus, and hope you enjoy


your visit.