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In the News

        President Thu-Hua,Liu has been interviewed by several domestic media since becoming President in 2004. In these interviews he discussed MCUT's 

excellent performance and past achievements, mid-term and long-term development plans, and how MCUT cooperates with industry to cultivate professional

technicians and talented research and development personnel who meet the changing demands of the various industries in response to changing trends.

        When interviewed by Talent Magazine, President Thu-Hua,Liu explained how MCUT integrates theory and practical experience. MCUT has adopted the

sandwich teaching method, also known as the work experience program, which imparts on students the expectation to gain real-world practical experience

and develop a positive working attitude when they take part in hands-on training in industrial settings. President Liu indicated that many enterprises do not offer

practical training to students because students often have their own career plans and usually do not return to the companies who offered them the opportunities

of practical work experience. The question was asked why there are over 160 enterprises establishing the academic-industrial cooperation with MCUT.

President Liu's response was that MCUT's students are highly stable and hardworking. They can not only learn practical and useful experience but also are praised

by the company after their time practicing in industrial settings. President Liu also pointed out that the enterprises offering work-study opportunity must embrace

the concept of social responsibility. Enterprises must understand that investing time on young people is worthwhile, meaningful, and beneficial to the country.

        In the interviews by Economic Daily News and Global Views Monthly Magazine, President Liu expounded on MCUT's excellent performance, highest per

student financial investment, and future development plans. He pointed out that most private colleges and universities in Taiwan invest an average of 5,000 US

dollars on each student; however, MCUT invests more than 8,000 US dollars on each student. Furthermore, with a more ideal teacher-student ratio (about 16:1)

and more advanced experimental equipment, MCUT students' practical techniques are enhanced. Even though MCUT's school performance is highly acclaimed

in highly competitive domain of academia,  the institution is still working hard to create more possibilities for research,development, practical training,and 

course innovations. President Liu mentioned that MCUT currently has instituted some important development goals such as internationalization, expansion

of the campus, and increasing of the number of departments and institutes. Through increases in enrollment, enhancement of teachers' research and development

proficiency, and development of academic-industrial cooperation on the new campus, MCUT will continue to progress in order to become one of the top universities

of technology in the world.   

        In addition to working hard for breakthroughs based on its current foundation, MCUT also follows the green revolution trend to implement environmental

protection, energy saving, and sustainable development concepts in the process of school development. In trying hard to become a green university, we also list green

design, green production, green management, and green marketing as important goals. In his interview by Common Wealth Magazine, President Thu-Hua Liu said that

the practice of creating a green university must respond to the practice of a green lifestyle. To echo the international trend, MCUT leads its students to implement energy

savingscarbon reductions, and energy controls, which have achieved obvious effects and have enabled MCUT to be selected by the Ministry of Education as the ISO 14001

environmental management system Model School. In addition to the implementation of a green lifestyle on campus, MCUT also lists environmental protection and energy

saving as a research and development point for academic-industrial cooperation. With the resources of the Battery Research Center of Green Energy and cross-border

cooperation with international institutions such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, MCUT is actively researching and developing energy-saving and healthful biotechnology

products and is working hard to cultivate talented and environmentally conscious workers to meet the green trend. President Liu hopes that MCUT can not only become the

first choice for the enterprises to do academic-industrial cooperation but also be prominent in the international green world.