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About Thu-Hua Liu

                          As president of Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) since 2003, Dr. Thu-Hua Liu promoted Ming Chi from a position 

                  as a mid-level industrial school into a university of technology in 2004.

                          After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ming Chi Institute of Technology, President Thu-Hua Liu

                  went to the United States to gain further advanced knowledge, and acquired a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stevens

                  Institute of Technology, and a doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Iowa. Being a scholar, Dr. Liu has made

                  substantial contributions to the academic field. His research has been published in many famous international journals such as the

                  International Journal of Operational Research, the International Journal of Systematic Innovation, Safety Science, Aging Clinical and

                  Experimental Research, Clinical Nutrition, and the International Journal of Engineering with Computers.

                          Dr. Liu has been working in academia for a long time. Before taking the position of MCUT president, he served as instructor and

                  associate professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Ming Chi Institute of Technology, Vice President and Chairman of

                  the Department of Industrial Design at Chang Gung University, Dean of General Affairs of Chang Gung University, professor at the

                  Department of Industrial Design and Dean of Student Affairs of Chang Gung University, Vice President of Chang Gung University, and

                  professor at the Department of Industrial Design of Ming Chi University of Technology. He also took the position of council chairperson

                  and executive supervisor of the E-Business Management Society (EBMS). This thick resume demonstrates that Dr. Liu is experienced in

                  both academic experience and practical application of knowledge.

                          Since Ming Chi was promoted as a university of technology in 2004, Dr. Liu has identified academic-industrial cooperation as one of

                  the key developmental points. To fulfill this goal, he asked each college to integrate resources in order to establish featured research centers

                  that offer academic research to related industries.

                          The University has frequently been honored by the Chinese Institute of Engineers for its excellent practices in industry-university

                  collaboration. In 2014, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration has honored the University as one of the best incubation centers.

                  In the 2015 and 2016 Academic Ranking of Taiwan Universities/Colleges released by Tamkang University, MCUT ranked number one among

                  the private colleges/universities of technology in the category of “the average amount of funding per project director of Industry-Academy

                  Cooperation projects.” Those honors demonstrate the fruitful results of developing collaborative relationships with industry partners.